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Apr 14, 2018

Darrell Waltrip raced in Nascar's top series for 29 years. Waltrip was controversial and outspoken for most of his career. Listen to this Podcast as Darrell shares the inside scoop on his racing career. 

Jul 16, 2017

Greg Gaines was a professional football player. He played linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. Greg had over 40 different surgeries while playing in the NFL. After each surgery, the doctors would prescribe strong pain medication. Greg became a full-blown addict to pain pills. Listen as Greg Gaines shares his story...

Baseball Player Becomes Heroin Addict

Jul 8, 2017

Tyler Bowman was a gifted baseball player. While in college he left baseball for a girl. With time on his hands, he felt a tremendous emptiness and was introduced to drugs by his friends. He began popping pills and became addicted to opioids which led him to Heroin and a full-blown addiction. Listen to Tyler as he...

May 27, 2017

Stan Harris is a mountain of a man. At six feet two inches tall and 250 pounds of muscle, he is a man's man. Stan is a powerful man, he can bend steel bars with his bare hands, he can smash through a pile of concrete blocks with a mighty thrust. He's a modern-day Samson, a real tower of strength. No one would ever dream...